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The silver used for payal at Sangam Traders are made by soft metal and prone to scratches, dings and changing shape over time. People appreciate the way this Silver Payal ages and collect marks from daily wear. Suggested is to always opt a strong durable Payal for long terms. The delicate joints in every part of payal are tested at the end to make sure the products lasts long. We guarantee you the strength and durability of our Products, in terms of color, look and joints.


The silver, used for our Bichiya is very soft, most silver used for these purposes is alloyed with copper. Every Bichiya are hand-made, with detail finishing for every little part. Our products are made by Skilled team of professionals with stringet quality standards, we have developed in-house quality testing department which guarantee you the quality in terms of design as well as the material used. Our quality management team ensures that all the silver products and articles are of high standards.


These are an excellent choice for vintage-inspired silver jewellery and classy, traditional designs because they suggest a beautiful color combinations, shiny apperance, candlelit glamour, perfect finishing, aesthetic design. Someone who wanted, for instance, classic and traditional wedding jewellery, we have beautiful handmade jewellery, with well minakari, stone setting and smooth finishing. Kandora represents our set of standard designs


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